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Our Process

At Hum­ble Quill ®, we do things the old-fash­ioned way. Clarence, our print-gob­lin, painstak­ing­ly hand-let­ters every page of every book—even the eBooks.

Does that take extra time? Of course, but it’s worth the effort. Because tra­di­tions mat­ter. Qual­i­ty. Atten­tion to detail. Unpaid labor by mag­i­cal­ly-bound fer­al humanoids.

It’s how we’ve always done things. And we think you’ll read the difference.

The Nothing Within

Cen­turies after the col­lapse, a young woman in what was once Amish coun­try tries to save what’s left of humankind—and to dis­cov­er who she real­ly is.

Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el of the Year
Next Gen­er­a­tion Indie Book Awards (2020)

Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el of the Year
Nation­al Indie Excel­lence Awards (2020)

Final­ist: Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el
Fore­word Indies Book of the Year Awards (2019)

Three Grams of Elsewhere

Fifty years after polar­iza­tion frac­tured the Unit­ed States, a reclu­sive empath con­fronts the con­se­quences of his role in that war—and of the part he played in weaponiz­ing empathy.

Giesler has cre­at­ed a world so full that it seems to echo beyond its pages—a sto­ry writ­ten so well that, no mat­ter how per­fect, sur­pris­ing, and com­plete the end­ing, read­ers will want to return in search of even more. It’s just that good.”
—BlueInk Review (Starred Review)

three grams of elsewhere cover, a man walks through the prairie toward an ominous city in the distance with threatening drones in the sky

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Well…actually, he won’t be delight­ed. Noth­ing puts Leon in a fouler mood than “FOOLISH HUMAN QUESTIONS.” He will answer, though.

He’s not good at this, but it’s bet­ter than let­ting him ram­page through the coun­try­side eat­ing stray pets and unat­tend­ed children.

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