I’ve just been informed that Publishers Weekly has selected The Nothing Within for a book review.

BookLife is the division of Publishers Weekly dedicated to books by independent publishers. As part of their service, they select a relatively small number of independently-published books for review in Publishers Weekly magazine. Publishers Weekly is one of the industry’s most influential book review sources, published continuously since 1872.

There are two enormous caveats:

  1. It might not appear in the magazine. Their messages says, “Because your project has been selected for a Publishers Weekly review, it will most likely be reviewed in Publishers Weekly. However we cannot guarantee your book will actually receive a review; in some rare cases, a book or project selected for review does not actually receive a published review.”
  2. They might hate it. While feedback from other editorial reviews has been positive so far, there’s no guarantee Publishers Weekly will like it. But you know what? Either way, I’m tickled that they’ve decided to spend the time reviewing my book. Even if it’s not positive, I plan to learn from it.

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