It was a busy week for The Nothing Within.

American Library Association’s Booklist

Booklist is the ALA’s book review journal, read by loads of librarians, library patrons, and book fans. Thanks to a partnership between BlueInk Review and the ALA, the October 15th edition of Booklist included a review of The Nothing Within. One of my relatives, who’s a school librarian, happened across the review by chance while browsing Booklist—a nice surprise.

Amazon Rush

Last weekend the book was promoted on a reader mailing list with millions of subscribers. As a result, so many people purchased it at Amazon that it reached the #1 Amazon Best Seller spot in two eBook categories:

  • Literary Action-Adventure
  • Dark Fantasy

Interest on Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo last weekend were very encouraging, too.

(Of course, that best seller status was temporary. Still…fun while it lasted.)


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